Introduction to Cancer Immunotherapy and the Immune System

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This activity is based on the Patient Resource Guide, Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy 4th Edition (published in December 2017), designed for newly diagnosed and restaged cancer patients and their caregivers. This interactive activity takes a closer look at how the immune system works to fight against cancer, cancer immunotherapy treatment types and clinical trials.



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A qualified healthcare professional should be consulted before using any therapeutic product discussed. Readers should verify all information and data before treating patients or employing any therapies described in this educational activity.


Available beginning: May 22, 2018


Approximate Time to Complete: 30 minutes




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Course Objectives
Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • Describe how the immune system works to protect the body from foreign invaders and how the immune system can be used to fight cancer.
  • Explain the history and evolution of immunotherapy as a cancer treatment.
  • Describe how various immunotherapy treatments work in different ways to fight cancer; including case scenario example.
  • Examine which immunotherapies are currently being developed in clinical trials.
Introduction to Cancer Immunotherapy and the Immune System

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Introduction to Cancer Immunotherapy and the Immune System