Adjuvant Therapy in Melanoma: What Is It and Is It Right For Me?

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This article is for people who want to understand how biomarkers may affect their cancer treatment choices. It's also for their care partners, and others who want to learn more about the topic. The goal is to help you know what to discuss with your healthcare team about testing for biomarkers and what the results mean for your treatment.








You'll explore:

  • What adjuvant therapy in melanoma is
  • Who adjuvant therapy is recommended for
  • The potential benefits of adjuvant therapy
  • About side effects of adjuvant therapy
  • Questions to ask your provider about adjuvant therapy


Available beginning: Dec. 18, 2018


Approximate Time to Complete: 30 minutes




Developed through a partnership between SITC and Medscape.

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Course Objectives
Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • Have greater confidence in their ability to discuss with their healthcare provider whether adjuvant therapy is right for treatment of their melanoma